Jianhong HAN



Telephone : 06 76 59 94 44
Address : UFR STAPS, 1 rue Lacretelle – 75015 PARIS

Thèmes de recherche

Title of the research thesis:
The relationship of physical activity and obesity among children and adolescents

Directeur of thesis : Damien Vitiello (MCU-HDR)

Parcours / Academix Background

  • 09/2007-07/2010 Master of Science, laboratory animal science
    Chongqing Medical University, China
  • 09/2003-07/2007 Bachelor of Science, bioengineering
    Jiangxi Agricultural University, China


L. W. Wei, Z. Q. Yuan, M. D. Zhao, C. W. G , J. H. Han, and L. Fu. Inhibition of Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Can Influence the Lipid Metabolism in Mice with DietInduced Obesity. Biochemistry (Moscow) 2018,83(10)1279-1287.

Zehui Yu, Wenjie Zhang, Congwei Gu, Jindong Chen, Mingde Zhao, Lu Fu, Jianhong Han, Manli He, Qihai Xiao, Wudian Xiao, Lvqin He, Zhimin Zhang. Genomic analysis of Ranavirus and exploring alternative genes for phylogenetics.
Transbound Emerg Dis 2020.

韩建红,魏立雯. 医学院校实验动物资源共享平台的建设, 2021,19(27):3050-305 Jiangxi Agricultural University, China

Autres activités

  • 08/2010-present Laboratory Animal Centre of Southwest Medical University